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10 Kids’ Priceless Expressions When They Found Out They Were Going to Disneyland

Posted by Brandi Temple on July 16, 2014

Nothing warms are hearts more than when we see our little ones overly zealous about something -- like when they found out they're going to (drumroll, please)... Disneyland!! In celebration of the fact that Disneyland opened this day, July 17th in 1955, we've scoured the Internet for the best expressions kids have made the instant (and we mean instant!) they found out they were going to the happiest place on Earth.

1. This kiddo's darling gleeful expression

Source: Eupharsie


2. Just when they thought they've finished opening up all of their Christmas presents...

Source: YouTube


3. We've found that most expressions are tears joy

Source: YouTube

4. The moment when they've figured out the clues you've been giving them all along

Source: YouTube


5. When Ellen DeGeneres surprised these two live

Source: YouTube


6. The moment when all of your kids are just as excited as each other

Source: YouTube


7. But we've found out that one sibling can actually be way more excited than the other...

Source: YouTube


8. For example, this little one was way more excited...

Source: YouTube


9. ... than her sister was (at first)

Source: YouTube


10. But it all comes down to this adorable Doodler's priceless level of excitement


And there you have it! Are you going to Disneyland anytime soon?

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