10 Hilarious Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Posted by Brandi Temple on July 17, 2014

Need to tell the fam? Try these creative approaches to announcing your little Doodler is on his/her way.

1. The classic "Prego" jar never fails to amuse

Source: Cheezburger


2. Is that what Vanilla Ice was referring to this whole time?



3. When you find a celebrity who'll help break the news with you

Source: NY Daily News


4. Preparing for the action packed adventure set to release this winter

Source: I Did A Funny


5. ... or the Oscar worthy drama due summer

Source: I Did A Funny


6. For the techies in your family

Source: BabyZone


7. A prenatal math lesson

Source: Mallory Resanovich


8. Double entendre



9. Not just an announcement meant for a door anymore!

Source: Huffington Post


10. ... and 6 months more to go


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