This Incredible Proposal Might As Well Be A Broadway Spectacular

Posted by Brandi Temple on October 16, 2014

These marriage proposals just keep getting more and more extravagant but this one is too sweet and she was SO surprised! A must watch for sure! It will give you the goosies!

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Baby and Father Have a Blast Taking Turns Breakdancing

Posted by Brandi Temple on October 15, 2014

This dad and baby really have it going on! They take turns breakdancing and it is too gosh darn cute... take a look!

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Adorable Father/Daughter Dance to Taylor Swift's Super Catchy Hit, "Shake It Off"

Posted by Brandi Temple on September 30, 2014

This little Doodler couldn’t be cuter boogying down to Taylor Swift’s new (catchy!) song, “Shake It Off.” But the award goes to the father for Best Dad Ever since he put this little video together of the two of them.

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