11 Delicious Nut-Based Recipes to Get Your 'National Nut Day' Going Strong

Posted by Brandi Temple on October 21, 2014

1. Nut/Seed Date Balls

For an amazing recipe on how to make these nut and seed dates, go here!


2. Cranberry Nut Tarts

Click here for this mouth-watering recipe!


3. Cashews and Beef Chinese Recipe

Enjoy Chinese food? View this deliciousness here!


4.Moroccan Vegetable Nut Roast Recipe

This looks AMAZING! Check out their creative recipe here!


5. Nut Roast

We have never thought about this one, but it looks all sort of delicious! Check out the recipe.


6. Vegetarian Nut Roast Pie

Vegetarians: here's one for you and it looks yummy! Make it for yourself here!


7. Pignoli Cookie (Pine Nuts)

Feel that sweet tooth coming on? Get the recipe for these yummy cookies here!


8. Nut Brittle

This Average Betty has got it goin' on! See her recipe for this amazing nut brittle!


9. Zucchini with golden raisins, pine nuts and lemon!

Wanna stay on the healthy end while adding nuts, it just THIS simple!


10. Nut Goodie Bars

On the other hand, skipping healthy eating today? Try these out!


11. Gingerbread Muffins with Spiced Nut Streusel

Super easy recipe here! Wow, we are really getting hungry here at the office!


What's your favorite nut-based recipe that you'd love to share?

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13 Nutritionally Spooky Ideas to Help You Create the Best Halloween-Themed Lunch For Your Doodler

Posted by Brandi Temple on October 20, 2014

With Halloween on a school day this year, why not surprise your little Doodler with fun & spooky snack the minute s/he opens the tupperware lid! Here are some ideas that caught our eye that we'll be trying out around here - get creative, ladies!


1.You can’t even tell this is a PB&J!


2. Look at these healthy little ghost sandwiches!



3. This mummy turkey dog is SO simple!


4. Frankenstein + Sandwich = Frankenwich!



5. Instead of carving a pumpkin, try carving a sandwich to look like one!



6. Healthy witches!



7. How easy are these little quesadillas!?



8. Don’t have the time to create something extravagant? Try this candy corn pizza!


9. Quick and easy bat sandwiches!



10. These hummus pitas are making me hungry!



11. Eek! Snakes in your Doodler's lunch would be too funny!



12. Break out those cookie cutters and get creative!



13. Doesn’t get quicker than adding a few themed toys to their lunch!



Let us know some of the awesome lunches you have created for your little one by commenting below!

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