Dad Teaches Teenage Daughter a Lesson on How to Properly Install a Roll of Toilet Paper

Posted by Brandi Temple on September 29, 2014

This funny dad calls out his kids with this trending video about how to properly install a roll of toilet paper! I bet they learned their lesson once all of their friends saw this video that their dad made!

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Graduating Preschooler Wants to Be This Marvel Hero When He Grows Up

Posted by Brandi Temple on July 22, 2014

Little Jathan was called to grab his diploma, speak into the mic, and told us he wanted to rule Gotham City when he grows up. We love big dreams!!

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10 Hilarious Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Posted by Brandi Temple on July 17, 2014

Need to tell the fam? Try these creative approaches to announcing your little Doodler is on his/her way.

1. The classic "Prego" jar never fails to amuse

Source: Cheezburger


2. Is that what Vanilla Ice was referring to this whole time?



3. When you find a celebrity who'll help break the news with you

Source: NY Daily News


4. Preparing for the action packed adventure set to release this winter

Source: I Did A Funny


5. ... or the Oscar worthy drama due summer

Source: I Did A Funny


6. For the techies in your family

Source: BabyZone


7. A prenatal math lesson

Source: Mallory Resanovich


8. Double entendre



9. Not just an announcement meant for a door anymore!

Source: Huffington Post


10. ... and 6 months more to go


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This is What Your Toddler Sounds Like Under Voice Modification Software

Posted by Brandi Temple on July 16, 2014

Ever wonder what you little one would sound like if you altered his/her voice? YouTuber Andrew Schrock put it to the test.

The results? Hilarious!

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Parents Keep Tally of Toddler’s Potty Training Efforts

Posted by Brandi Temple on July 15, 2014

What a surefire way to show the little ones that they’re making progress! Although, we’re not terribly certain what the “Daddy” column is alluding to… do we even want to know?


Source: Reddit

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