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It’s QUITE the cast of characters around here!
Please click a name to meet the LWD family behind each team:

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    • Jeff Bailey

      IT Technician

      Favorite hobby: Gaming
      Words to live by: Did you try re-booting?

      Jeff is a previous IT tech who brings his skills to LWD. If Jeff could be anyone for a day he would be Bill Gates. His greatest achievement is marrying his wife.

    • Alison Tysinger

      IT Technician

      Allison is a former social studies teacher whose greatest achievement in life is graduating college. If Allison could switch places with anyone for a day, she would be Oprah Winfrey!

    • Katie Novak

      Administrative Assistant

      Favorite hobby: Soccer, Mud Pits & Drag Racing
      Words to live by: You're never too old to do what you want in life. Dream and live your dreams.

      LWD is Katie's first job. Her greatest achievement is continuing to go to college while working 2 jobs. If Katie could be someone else for a day she would be her Grandmother.

    • pic

      Tammy Tetter


      Favorite hobby: Camping and spending time with family
      Words to live by: Live as though heaven is on earth, Love as though you have never been hurt, Dance as though no one is watching and Sing as though no one can hear.

      Before joining LWD, Tammy worked in A/R in the printing industry. She loves being herself and wouldn't change places with anyone given the chance. Her greatest achievement is being a mother to son Matthew and wife to Jeff.

    • Patrick Tysinger

      Property Manager

      Favorite hobby: Hunting & Fishing
      Words to live by: It will all be alright.

      Before joining LWD Patrick worked in Masonry. His greatest achievement is raising his 3 beautiful daughters, one of which is 'the' Lolly! If he could be anyone else for a day he would be Will Temple who is his brother-in-law (because he thinks Will has it made! LOL).

    • Will Temple

      Special Projects Manager

      Favorite hobby: Golf, Hunting & shopping
      Words to live by: Now you know how I feel.

      Will is the husband of Brandi, the CEO of LWD. Before LWD, he worked in rental and sales of heavy equipment. His greatest achievement is being a Christian and married to the most beautiful woman in the world who is also the love of his life.

    • Sarah Floyd

      Customer Service Leader

      Favorite hobby: Hanging out with my husband
      Words to live by: It is what it is! REALLY!

      Before joining LWD Sarah worked in banking. If she could be anyone for a day she would still be herself for she is content with her own life. Her greatest achievement is her 3 children.

    • pic

      Sabrina Haynes

      Customer Service Rep

      Favorite hobby:
      Words to live by:


    • Adam Miller

      Customer Service Rep

      Favorite hobby: Sports
      Words to live by: You can't win a derby on a donkey.

      Adam is a former carpet cleaner/water & fire restoration tech. If he could switch places for a day with anyone he would be Michael Jordan. His greatest achievement is being a great husband & friend.