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  • Charlotte West

    Monogram & Embroidery Supervisor

    Favorite hobby: Shopping
    Words to live by: The best is yet to come

    Before coming to LWD, Charlotte worked in embroidery.  Brandi loves to call her Char-lotta to see her beautiful smile.  Charlotte is a perfectionist & always on her toes!

  • Angelika Burge

    Applique Technician

    Favorite hobby: Writing poetry, going to art shows, exercising and volunteering at nursing homes
    Words to live by: “There will always be a spring after a long cold winter.” Ernest Hamingway

    Before coming to LWD, Angelika was an employed in the embroidery business. If she could be anyone else for a day she would be Mother Teresa. Her greatest achievement is coming to America, learning to speak /write English & earning her high school diploma in 2001.

  • Teresa Deese

    Appliqué Technician

    Favorite hobby: Spending time with her children & grandchildren
    Words to live by: Life is what you make of it. Only you can decide which roads to take on your journey.

    Teresa worked in auto parts before coming to LWD. If she could be someone else for a day she would be Nancy Reagan. Her greatest achievement is raising smart and respectful children.

  • Lizabeth Villicana

    Monogram Technician

    Favorite hobby: Spending time with family & reading

    Lizabeth greatest achievement is her son. Before joining LWD she was in school and working in customer service.