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  • Chelsia Kindley

    Bow Maker

    Favorite hobby: Crafting & shopping for her girls.
    Words to live by: You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.

    If Chelsia could be anyone for a day it would be Carrie Underwood. Before coming to LWD she was a stay at home mom.

  • Lolly Tysinger

    Bow Maker

    Favorite hobby: Softball, Tennis & shopping
    Words to live by: “Carpe Diem”

    Yes, this is "THE" Lolly, LOL. If Lolly could be anyone for one day she would be Carrie Underwood. Her greatest achievement is being part of a softball team that went to the state playoffs.

  • Pop

    Ribbon Cutter

    Favorite hobby: Resting
    Words to live by: A little hard work never hurt anyone...

    Jerry is lovingly known as 'Pop' to all, although he is Brandi's dad.  He has been her biggest cheerleader and she is a Daddy's girl!  When asked what his greatest achievement was, he said his children.