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At LWD we work together as a team and as a family,
driven by a shared set of CORE VALUES.

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    Every family deserves to look great ~
    We make it affordable

    We are passionate about providing families across the country with beautiful, high-quality and affordable apparel and accessories. We believe every family deserves to look great, and we wake up every morning to help you do so on a realistic budget!

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    American business growth is crucial ~
    We create jobs

    We believe deeply in the importance of American manufacturing and are proud to manufacture over 50% of our items entirely in our Lexington factory. Even the items that we design and have manufactured from other factories, we embellish and personalize in the US. Our goal is to create as many jobs as possible. Meaningful, dignified jobs at all skill levels - producing economically competitive, high-quality products.

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    Family, family, family ~
    Did we mention family?

    At Lolly Wolly Doodle, our brand is built simply and squarely around FAMILY. To us, family means the center of meaning in our lives. Family is the way we learn to help and care for each other and laugh while we’re doing it. Family is the place where we are supported and grow – where we learn our hardest lessons and share our greatest joys. We hope that our brand can be a great, positive touch point for the importance of family values and offer assurance, inspiration and togetherness for families everywhere.

    Giving back & helping

    We are committed to giving back to the community, well beyond just creating jobs and providing affordable high-quality clothing and a positive brand presence in our customers’ lives. As our company grows, we want to help by directly contributing to families, children and communities – local communities, our customers’ communities, and even global communities.

    Our two charity focuses to date have been:

    A) Our holiday-based giving campaigns whereby we provide checks to members of our extended customer and employee communities who cannot afford to make the holidays special for their children (i.e., can’t afford to prepare a special holiday dinner, dress in holiday clothes, and buy presents!). We call this the ‘Moms in a Jam’ fund and we work directly with our Facebook community to nominate and choose the many special recipients of these holiday stipends.
    B) Our donations to provide children in Africa with clean water, clothing and supplies. We are so proud to have been able to build our first well in 2012 – and hope there are many more to come!

    We look forward to doing even more for families and communities as our company grows!


We have big dreams to become one of the most successful family-focused apparel companies in the US, and one of the largest employers in North Carolina. But no matter what...